Here is a current list of the Mackaye Harbor Water District commissioners.  If you would like to apply to become a commissioner when there is an open position, please contact Helen Cosgrove at

San Olson

elected November 3, 2015
initial 2 year term
ending 12/31/2017
Next election 2017

Kennith Jennings

elected November 3, 2015
initial 4 year term
ending 12/31/2019
Next election 2019

Kirstie Noreen – elected Position #3 November 3, 2015. Served until May 2017. Kirstie resigned when the sale of her home disqualified her for further service. Thank you Kirstie, you will be missed!

Dean Anderson – appointed to take Position #3 for the remainder of the term.

sworn in July 5, 2017
remainder of 6 year term
ending 12/31/2021
Next election 2021